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Here is one for youall. I have a spark generator (multivibrator atached to a coil) on board my bot. When I turn it on it causes my modified servo, located near by, to go on. Is there a way to cure this? I will let youall in on what I am using it for once I get it all working properly.


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Probably just need some shielding around the servo or it's wires. Foil or screen connected to ground and placed between the spark generator and the servo should do the trick.

Thanks guys! I will give it a try this weekend.

Hi, did you build your spark gen of buy it somewhere and what is the voltage/amp rating of the output.

My interest is for Tesla Coil purposes

Well, sad to say but shielding didn't work. Now I have allot of servos going biserk. I bought a bar-B-Q electric lighter and adapted it. It didn't work at first so I did alott of research and Tesla Coil came up allot as well as other types of spark generators including a simple capacitor relay coil arrangement and a multivibrator from a 555 timer. I finally got the original to work and it was designed to work with 1 1/2 volts but I am running 5V. I don't know the amperage but it jumps the spark a good 1/4 inch. I sure hope I come up with a solution. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
You are getting RF feedback into your servo's, check into Tesla Coil stuff on RF feedback and it may help you to build a filter.

It's also possible that your circuit is drawing too much power from the EZ-B