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Resolved Resolved by RobertL184!

Source For Large Plastic Project Boxes?

Tried eBay, but was hoping to locate a online retailer for various sizes of electronic enclosures... Looking for large sizes of about 8" x 8" x 2" or 10 x 10" x 2", etc.... Anyone now of a good supplier of these?



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Honestly there are limited options that are also reasonable price. There are huge enclosures for desktop equipment that range around 100 dollars but it is simply not worth it. I have noticed it is however economical to buy old equipment , remove the insides in a few minutes and have a ideal project box. Target items for smaller enclosures are cable and dsl modems, wifi or wired routers ect. A larger enclosure in the 10 to 14 inch range are typically things like a old xbox, ps2, old cable box from time Warner or comcast, tivo, old satellite receivers from companies like dish or direct tv.
Alltronics.com has a selection of desktop sized cases and rack mount sized ones too. I'm looking for some more options.
Thanks again Josh, Robert and Doc... the polymorph would not work.... I am looking for an elegant solution... I think I have found what I need...

Thanks again guys
By the way , what did you find you will go with?