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Soundboard Question

I checked through the manual and could not find an answer. How many files can the soundboard hold? Is there a limit to what the soundboard can hold? If so what is the limit?


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I am not sure about the EXACT limit, but I have put 22 files without a problem. But when they are big, it would mess up after I got close to 300megs total. Now, you can put two soundboards. So, maybe you can put total of more than 300megs. I am not sure.

there isn't a limit by number - there seems to be a limit of memory. it's best to resize your audio files to lower sample rates to reduce memory usage. it appears windows struggles with memory usage and strange things happen - like corrupt files.

it seems to be different per computer. my development laptop doesn't have trouble with 500 megs of audio. but my smaller netbooks have issues with files over 200 megs.
Thanks for the replies. I'll keep an eye on the file sizes and report progress.