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Resolved Resolved by Jeremie!

Soundboard Control

I am wanting to play audio files via the EZ Builder Mobile App on my Tablet - not PC and not through the iOTiny.
There doesn't seem to be any way of doing this. I tried utilising the SoundboardPC control and although this worked on the PC, it had no affect when used on my Tablet - audio went to the iOTiny, ignoring the SoundPC control used in the scripts. Grateful for any suggestions.

My reason for doing this is  because the audio coming from the ioTiny is such poor quality compared to sending it to a b/t speaker via the Tablet.
The iOTiny audio has a high level of white noise even when the volume is set to zero. Perhaps there is a grounding issue with it, I don't know.  ??????

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None of these links are any help. I need a person to respond please.
Hello @afcorson

I'm very certain that SoundboardPC should work with the speaker on your tablet. Please make sure your volume is turned up and that your tablet isn't in silent mode. I know my phone can't play sounds from apps (besides music apps) when in silent mode. Also make sure you're not connected to a bluetooth audio device.

Due to your certainty that the SoundPC control should work with a Tablet, I modified the script, deleting the "IgnoreScript" value that appears by default.
This made it works on my Tablet, so thanks for that. Any comment on the noisy audio coming form the iOTiny? Does the the new iOTiny board have better audio?
I'm glad that you were able to figure out your first issue!

As for the IoTiny, there is a certain amount of white noise (noise floor) that will happen due to the nature of having an audio amplifier so close to a WiFi module but it shouldn't be too loud. Turning the volume down to zero won't have any effect on the noise floor. Playing any audio or music should drown out the noise floor very easily.

The noise floor shouldn't be very noticeable, if it's really loud you may have a issue with your IoTiny in particular, please talk to EZ-Robot if this is the case. Do you have more than one IoTiny or EZ-Bv4 to compare with? The IoTiny noise floor should be quieter than the v4.
I only have one IoTiny so can't compare. The noise sounds a bit like servo noise but they aren't moving. Transmitting the audio out of my tablet to a b/t speaker will give me the quality I need. Thanks for your help.