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Resolved Resolved by Dunning-Kruger!

Sound Through Computer Instead Of Ezb

This may have already been covered but I could not find it. I want to run my robot sound to through a Bluetooth speaker on my robot instead of the ezb. My speaker is linked to my computer so all sound including the ezb sound could go through it.

When the ezb is not connected and I write a say script, it goes through my Bluetooth speaker. Once I connect on my robot all audio goes through my ezb speaker. If I can get this straight, people will be able to ask Google questions from my robot. I am also looking at an amazon Echo for the speaker on the robot which may be even better.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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say("I am a robot") #this will come out your pc or Bluetooth speaker

sayEZB("I am a robot") #this will come out your EZB speaker

For playing mp3 etc... Use the PC sound board to play through your PC speakers and the EZB Soundboard to do the same except the sound will obviously come out the EZB speaker...
Thank you Richard. I guess I missed that code. This will help a lot. Thanks again. I is great having an awesome support group like we have.