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United Kingdom
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Sound Servo

Once the EZ-B connects via Bluetooth the sound servo control stops. So the servo doesn't respond to any sounds


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I have been trying to get this to work too. My androids mouth wont move with the voice.
I hope this can be fixed soon.
There are no issues with Sound servo in our testing. Ensure you have the lasest version of ARC.
I downloaded the update today.
I select the servo and it never tries to move it no matter how high the sound level.
The servo position shown is 0 even when the servo is not at 0.
There are no issues with the Sound Servo. I stopped what I was doing to double check, and it works great.

It's a pretty straight forward control, visually. When you start making noise, you'll notice the sound level move respectively in the display window. Press the CONFIG button and add the servo or servos that you would like to move with the audio. Once you have connected to an EZ-B, it just works:)

Keep in mind that setting the servo Speed will affect the reaction speed. You'll not want to specify a servo speed on Sound Servo's
I checked and EZ-Robot software said it needed updated. I updated it 3 times with no help.
I restarted my computer and updated it again and now it works, but it holds the mouth all the way open until it hears a sound and then closes it. I checked invert and it still holds it open.

It looks like I have 2 different versions of EZ-B installed. One button loads and old version the other loads the new.
I concur with @mcsdaver, Sound servo holds assigned servo at 1 and increases position with sound, but invert does not change that orientation. I use it for my claw to "twitch" closed when there is sound, but it would be nice to reverse the effect in order to make the claw look like it was snapping... more like a crab when agitated:)