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Sound Sensor Amplifiers

So I've been using these DFRobot sound sensors for a while now and they do a reasonably good, but I'm looking for a way to increase the sensitivity to improve the sound pick up. Does anyone have any recommendations for a small amplifier board that can connect between the EZ-B and these sound sensors?


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I've used a LM386 Amp chip to build a small Amp between EZ-B and other devices, it only needs a few additional components see circuit diagram. You can get the 386 from Maplin, for a couple of pounds.


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I'm showing my ignorance here. Can you use an amplifier to both send sound to a speaker and also to send it into a processor from a sensor?

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Thanks for the info. I was kinda hoping for a ready made "plug 'n' play" board option, but I'll check out what needs to be done.


I have absolutely no idea. It sounds feasible, but hopefully someone else will chime in and advise in that.

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Steve, I think Maplin sells a kit, ready made, using the 386 chip?


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Okay buddy. Not a Maplins fan but I'll check it out.

Thanks again.:)


You can send an amplified signal to a processor you just have to keep in mind a few things. You can't power the amplifier with more voltage than the MCU can handle on its signal line. Ex: MCU is 3.3V max then you power your amp with 3.3V because if the signal out saturates and hits the amplification rails then it will be a full 3.3V signal (now imagine if you powered it with 7.4V, yeah bad news)

If you want to send the amplified signal to an ADC pin you can but yeah try to stay with a 3.3V maximum signal. Otherwise, I would suggest using the 12-bit ADC function with an unamplified signal to get better resolution.

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Thanks for the info Jeremie. That's good to know and I will surely keep that in mind.