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Sophisticated Rfid Access Control System

Hello all, Once again I might have a stupid question. I’m currently trying to make a sophisticated rfid access control system. So far I have a Parallax RFID serial reader set up on a Parallax board of education running a basic stamp 2. It’s running a simple code to read the numbers of the RFID cards. In ARC I set up the serial PC terminal and I can read the card numbers in ARC from the Basic Stamp. Now my question is, is there any way to get that serial data from the ARC Terminal to use as value of some sorts so it can be used in Ez-Scripts. If I can get pass this, I can script snapshot, facial recognition, voice prompts and many other features for this door lock access system.

Thanks, Airwave1206


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Connect the RFID reader to the serial ttl inputs of your ezb v4 and voila:)


thanks DJ, I will give it a try today. I was wondering if I could do that. the only thing is, I have the EZB v3 and that's the ports used by the Bluetooth, I think.


The ezb3 can't read serial, you will need the V4 for that....


Thanks Richard,

thats what i kind of thought. but i can read the serial data with the serial terminal in ARC. I was just looking for some kind of script function to extract the serial data from the serial data terminal into the rest of ARC. my rfid card data is there, I just got to get into some kind of value that can be used. I plan on buying a EZ-B v4, but at this time all I have to work with is the EZ-B v3 and a Parallax BOE and a BS2. just trying to make it work with what I have for now. thanks for the input.