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Songify This: I Can't Hug Every Robot By Thegoodrobot.Com

Here is a video that i made (the 2nd one), i gave a shout out to DJ Sures and ez-robot.com in the video, so watch the whole thing!

(you have to watch the "i can't hug every cat" (the first one) so you know the video i was making fun of...)

visit my website (its still under constrution)



i hope everyone would go to youtube and search for my video
"i can't hug every robot" and subscribe to me, and "like" it,
the more views it gets, the more people that will see the advertisement for ez-robot.com


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HA! That's awesome. You have so many robot pics and videos. Awesome to see the EZ-B in there:)
Of course ez-b is beast :-)

It's better if people watch the cat video first to see what I'm making fun of. But I had 37 views and 100% dislikes.
I know I didn't sing good but that's not the point. My lyrics was exactly the same as the cat video except I changed cats to robots.

I was testing out the Autotune/songify/ T-pain voice for the first time.

I may make this style voice for my robot also.
If anyone wants this voice for your robot, let me know.
I was waiting for the crying ? I just couldn't imagine you crying though . LOL ! Great video. J.W.:)
I think one of the bots was leaking a little oil, does that count as crying?;)