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Software Language

Hi @all,

a lot german and french customers ask me.. is it possible to change the software language ?! I know it´s not but why ? it will be better for foreigners ^^! I mean all Text-Data of buttons, menu and apps same with the homepage :-)

regards Marty


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I always thought ARC chose the language that Windows was using. Perhaps they have Windows set to English?


@MazeHorizonTech It displays error messages generated by Windows based on the language settings, but to display controls and menus within the application requires EZ-Robots to have translated resource files for every function button, menu, function, etc...



Oh, okay. I've never tested it so I want sure. It would definately be an avenue for ez-robot to look into.


Hi everyone, i need to build a robot for my girlfriend that can speak taiwanese/mandarin, is this possible at the moment?

I found this link about how Microsoft have software that when you record you voice it can change it into another language?

Will keep looking... :)


I'm German Yes my english is bad. I know that. English is a world language. English is easy to learn. English is the most stupid and primitive language in the world. I am from the old German Democratic Republic and I had Russian at school. I learned English at the computer game. Developers should focus more on the product and use a simple, universal language. English is the best. I'm glad this software is in English and not in French, Japanese or any other language.

If someone wants something, then he creates it.


English is the most stupid and primitive language in the world.

Somehow I think I should be offended. lol :P

However, I understand that the Google Translator or someone trying to communicate in a language that's not their native tongue sometimes talks like this. Besides, I totally agree with the above statment so I can't be too offended. ;)


It would be possible.

The Tomy Takara Robi robots, you can change the sd card in them so it can speak another language. Don't know the full details yet, but i recently ordered the one that cannot walk, so when it arrives im going to put a Lol Tiny in him with an ez camera, and make him speak will be done. :P


@Stiko, @Dave Schulpius - I couldn't not share this (double negative, nailed it.) The enligsh language is special to say the least...


Thanks @Alan for that. I couldn't stop laughing...

My favorite being :

User-inserted image



I did not want to offend. In Germany you always say, English is like BUM BUM music. It should not be an offense. I'm sorry.

@Newagetomy, If Windows can speak the language, then the ARC can also.

Windows can talk: Arabic, Saudi Arabia, Catalan, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Netherlands and Belgium, English, United States, United Kingdom and India, Ireland, Finnish ), French (France, Canada and Switzerland), German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified and Traditional Chinese) Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Spain and Mexico), Swedish (Sweden), Thai and Turkish (Turkey).

So yes. You can have the robot talk in Mandarin.


@Stiko You did not offend... It was funny actually :D