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Software Frozen

When I open the examples, and click on "Six", the software hangs (see attached doc). I can't find anywhere in the tutorials how to link the 12 cables to the master brain. Please assist.


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Download the current version of ARC and install it again if necessary... What ports to plug the servos into is all within the six sample project... check the assembly instructions within the project once you get the Six sample project loaded...

  1. Load your web browser and visit

  2. Press the button labelled LEARN from the top menu

  3. Select the robot that you have, in this case SIX

  4. Follow the tutorials from the very first tutorial. The reason you have not been able to find how to connect the wires is because you have not followed the tutorials.

Please follow the tutorials. The tutorials contain the help that you are looking for. The tutorials will explain how to assemble, build and use the robot. The tutorials can be found in the LEARN section of this website.

Hope that helps!

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DJ & Richard,

My head hangs in shame regarding the assembly, it is very clear in your tutorial - late night effect (-: The robot is operational and is really fascinating.

I uninstalled/re-installed the software twice. My laptop is a 64Bit. May that be the problem?


Good to hear... The 64bit thing wouldn't be an issue.... Does ARC only hang on that particular project or does it freeze no matter what project you load?


64bit should not be an issue. If it is Windows XP, that would be a problem.


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It's Win 7. It only happens on "Projects/Sample Projects/Six" If I select one of the other samples it works fine. I also installed it on my desktop and there it works fine as well.


Hmmm, six is the only robot that uses the soundcard.

Can you try this..

  1. load ARC

  2. select PROJECT from top menu

  3. select ADD CONTROL from top menu

  4. select AUDIO tab

  5. select Microphone control

do you receive any errors?

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Just a little bid of feedback. I gave up on my laptop but got it perfectly run on my desktop. Happy faces!


There may be an issue with how much RAM is available on your laptop.