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Snow Shovel Robot

Hello everyone Im sleenard, touring musician

I just ordered the kit to build a robot amplifier that will load itself into venues and on stage.
I had planned to use the kit and a power wheelchair as a base.

Happily I just saw the snow shovel robot! it is exactly what i was planning to do.

Is there any information on the exact hardware setup on that one?

thank you


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Very cool! I think I can speak for everyone at EZ-Robot when I say "we need to see videos of that!"

What is cooler than an EZ-Robot roadie?

As for the technical, it's super easy. Took less than an hour to put it together. The details can be found here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Robots/Snow-Shovel-Robot

The motor controller is a simple two wire connection to the EZ-B. The motors and chassis are from a wheelchair base. There is plenty of information on this forum and people here to help connect the motor controller:D
I am examining this video, but in the meantime, i had a thought about the GIANT MAGNET that is my bass speaker. should i design a shield or is there a minimum distance to keep the EZ-B away from it?
Make a Faraday cage around it and ground it. That could protect magnetic interference from the magnet a speaker motor assembly.
Some heavy duty shielding is in order obviously. This speaker is loud and may generate a strong field. I should get a Gaussmeter to test with.
...or make the speaker be "carried" by the robot and set down on stage before being turned on. Then the project would not be an "AMPDROID" but just a "Thing Carrier" which is a little less cool I think... but still cooler than carrying this amp.
a freind pointed out that people put laptops on top of amps all the time so, I am moving forward with that.
today i got a invacare pronto sure step m51
Anybody know which sabertooth would work on this model? I cant find the amperage of these motors anywhere!

It has two 12v batteries in it. Does that mean it puts out 24v?

@sleenard do you have pics of your amp? Are you OK with building a new cabinet ? Your magnet may not be as strong at you would think. The reason I suggest that is to isolate the electronics from the direct vibration and pressure of the subwoofer. Cool idea . it goes right along with the motorized cooler on wheels:p
A 2x25 should be fine, when they say the motors pull 30 amps that's the heavy load scenario ad these chairs are meant to move 300 plus pound people around up a hill for hours at a time. I imagine your amp doesn't weight but 50 or so pounds so I don't believe you will need the 60 amp h bridge.
If you want to be sure just go ahead and get the 60 amp version.
oh no i just saw this on page 2 lol
oh well I got the 2x25 one already. I have posted a new topic on project showcase if you'd like to keep tabs on Ampdroid everyone! There are pictures there!
Ampdroid project page