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New Zealand
Asked — Edited

Small Undocumented Change That May Catch Ya Out

FYI everyone

Two commands
Exec ("c:\windows\notepad.exe")

no longer seem to require the speech marks eg.

Exec (c:\windows\notepad.exe)

Took me a while to work out but all good.

Great for showing a household automation homepage or directory
eg. Browser(file://


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United Kingdom
Cheers for that tameion
Commands do not "need" them, but if there are multiple parameters - they should be used.



Is the correct way:)
United Kingdom
Cool I can launch a desktop shortcut with the Exec command just use the correct file extension which is found by clicking on the icon-properties-general tab


If you rem out a command when editing a script using # you can save the script without any errors so you can go back later and modify it without losing all your typing