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Small Camera

what camera did you use in the "Vision Tracking Robot"?
It looks real small, even if wired, that would be ok for me.
I bought three of your camera's, intending to take one apart with
the idea of separating the parts, but it seems to be "glued together",
Not that, that will stop me.
I have many really small wired cameras with normal video output.
Any way to get them to work with EZ-Robot?
so two questions:
1) what camera did you use in the vision tracking robot?
2) any way to capture the video from a camera with normal video out. NTSC

I've got a new robot to modify that I think everyone will love.



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@drwass2 yes you can use any camera Windows recognized , NTSC camera will require a video capture card , just get yourself a webcam from logitech.:)
The camera DJ sells is really easy to take apart. I think that is probably why he actually picked that one. I have taken mine apart many times but chose to go with the casing as it looks good on the side of my bots head. There are vids and some threads on here that get into alot of details...there is even one that shows taking the camera apart. Turning the camera on/off is also easily controlled with a simple mod to the power cable.

I really like the camera he found. The range is really good....way better than some other 2.4ghz cameras out there.
I was assuming he was going to use a onboard computer , even then.I'm just going to use wireless I believe;)
kkeast......thanks for the info but I can't find it.
There is no search under the video and the selection of
the video pages on bottom doesn't work.

I just got three of the new BLACK camera.
other then screws holding the clamp, I can't find out
how to get inside. The end panels are plastic but I can't
manage to pull them off.
The metal case appears to be one piece.
Any help here?
The ends are simply glued on so take a small screw driver and wedge it in and pop off the end. Good luck!

Here is the link to the video tutorial...its under the videos section. Hope this helps:

2.4GHZ Camera Mod


thanks, that really helped
The back was glued on all around the edge (looks like crazy glue) and it also had a
big blob of hot melt glue inside also connecting board to back. (looks like DJ handy work) :D :D

This camera also has a 3.7V battery inside, so you could probably run the power wires to where the battery
wires go. My application doesn't have room for the small usb connector.

The video isn't very clear on exactly where the white control wire would go.
Seems to go to one side of the push button (makes sense). just not sure which.

Anyway, thanks for the info, I couldn't find it

Seems like you guys have already done most of the stuff I want to do. so I'll use you more.


:) :)