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Slowly Getting Back At It

Well im slowly getting back to work on my bot Scraps I discovered a few problems with trying to run my bot here at my place

1 shag carpet:( Tracked bots don't turn well on shag carpet or in my case it don't turn on it at all 2 my place is small and the room I have to keep my pc in is the one with the shag carpet and if I put the put in the other room I cant see it at all 3 I want to run scraps out side but the walls are to thick for the blue tooth signal to go though:(

Because of them little problems I have decided its time to start working on making scraps into a bigger bot one that's big enough to have a computer on board or maybe a completely different bot that I will call Lawn Rover lol as it will be used for mowing the lawn and doing other yard work but that will take some time and by the time it gets started I may not have a lawn any more when I first started scraps I planned on having it plow the snow off my sun deck but I am no longer in a place with a deck so that plan for scraps is no more ....... Unless I move into a place with a deck lol


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Hey, if you add a blade to lawn Rover, you can take care of that shag rug problem too..;)


LOL wish that would work LOL