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Slow Project Load

I have a baffling problem that I hope someone else has been able to solve.
I have set up a Rock PiX running Windows 10 Pro with ARC Runtime version and one ARC project.
When I connect my Rock PiX to a computer monitor via HDMI, the project loads quickly. The full screen interface appears in about 2 seconds.
However, when I connect the Rock PiX to my 4.3" Waveshare touch display, the same project takes 2 minutes to load.
I am not even connecting to the EZB in either case. That is not an issue anyway. What is going on here? I can't work it out.
The time delay I am measuring, is between when ARC has loaded and waiting for the full screen interface to appear.

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What’s in task manager taking all the cpu? Maybe a touch driver from the wave share or something
#2   — Edited
I have a similar problem with my Rock PIX  booting into Windows 10 and starting ARC. It takes 2.5 minuets to load both Windows 10 and ARC. Windows takes the majority of the load time while ARC seems to takes about 20 seconds to load after windows boots and pops up.  I'm running headless without a monitor. I've chalked it up to the underpowered Rock Pi compared to a full blown laptop. Still I'd like to find a way to have Windows and ARC up and running much faster. I'm almost to the point of getting a different onboard the robot computer. 

Your issue sounds like video drivers loading before Win will load ARC. Maybe a different or updated video driver?
According to the Waveshare website, my 4.3" touch display is driver free.
I can't see how it has anything to do with an underpowered Rock PiX or RAM, as when connected to a HDMI non-touch screen monitor, ARC loads quickly.
It is only when connected to the touch display that it takes 2 mins to load. Further investigation required,