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Six Dance

I have a question. On the EZ Robot home page there's a video of DJ Sures demonstrating the EZ Robot product line. At about 1:15 into the video, he's tilting an Android phone back and forth and making Six move. How is this done?


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I know he is using the phone's accelerometer.... I haven't looked to see how to code for it though.... Possibly it is within a control as well...


Duh.... of course LOL. Forgot about the wiimote control.....:)


I tried it and it works like a charm. Thanks.


I can't wait to get home tonight and try this on my Roli. I haven't played with the mobile app yet and had no idea this feature existed.

Do I need to have a WII control defined in the Windows project for it to work? Since I don't have a WII controller, so I didn't include the control when I modified the Roli project to fit my customizations (longer arms, ping controller, flashlight and laser on the head).



All I did was download the Six demo to my cell phone & pressed the Wiimote button. You don't need the Wii remote. It worked.