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Siri Open Now

Question guys:)
Since apple now opened Siri to 3rd party apps are there any plans to have plug in or ez app work with Siri now?


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Depends if someone is interested in taking on the task. It would be a bit of a challenge I think. Anyone can make a plugin, so it's whoever takes the job.
Sadly, Siri is not open. We are trying to figure out a way around the sdk to make it work - like many other companies are trying as well. Siri works with the concept of Domains, groups of know actions for related tasks. Each interaction that an app has with Siri must fall into one of its known service Domains as follows:

Audio or video calling.
Booking a ride.
Managing workouts.
Searching photos.
Sending or receiving payments.

As you can see, those do not have any relationship with Robotics - or even home automation, which is surprising. Discover more here: https://developer.apple.com/sirikit/

Sirikit binds your application to known phrases (called intents) to Siri. You can define custom phrases, but they still bind to known intents. Siri is not open.