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Simultaneous Servo Movements But In Different Directions

Hello All,

I am new to this community and have been reading and following a few threads. Perhaps this question was posed before (if so, please provide link of specific thread).

Has anyone figured out how to make multiple servos move in SEPARATE directions at the same time?

For example: I want my Wall-E robot to move forward while simultaneously moving his head slightly sideways left and right, and even have his arms move slightly up and down (all at the same time).

I can't seem to figure out how to do this. The multiple servos config panel allows for multiple servos moving simultaneously but all in the SAME direction.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance.



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However, that may not be the correct control. If you want different servos to do different things such as move back and forth while moving then you may be better suited using the auto positioner


Thank you Rich !

You've been very helpful with my question and certainly all over this forum :)

I will try your suggestion and know where to come back if I require any more advice.




You could also try using the Movement Script. Click on Project, then click Add, and go to the Scripting tab. The Movement control is in there. This control will allow scripts to be executed when you simply click Forward, Reverse, Left Right, and Stop. I had time to write a simple program and uploaded it to the EZ-Cloud. The link is below. The program is called:

Servo Movements Going Forward

*** Be sure to change the servo ports in the Scripts to match the ones you are using. I am using ports d7 and d8 in the program.

Hope this helps.



Thank you !

I haven't had the chance yet to work on wall-e the past couple of days (it's a surprise for my son - so I have a limited window).

I will try it tonight and let you know what worked for me :)


update: I tried your scripts and they worked beautifully. Thank you very much. Wall-e is moving around waving and head moving sideways ... lots of fun. I have a list of actions I wish to implement to give him a "personality" - Tomorrow I receive the MP3 Trigger and it should be fun (I actually found a way to synthesize "wall-e"-like speech, which will increase his vocabulary and make him a little more interactive).

@Rich - your method seems like it would definitely work, but I opted for something a little more familiar for now. In the near future I hope to better introduce myself to Auto-position (I may need to browse the forums for more examples as that video DJ Sures made leaves a few questions unanswered for a novice like me).

Anyway, up next (tonight) I aim to install ultrasound and infrared capabilities, with a couple of LEDs (red and blue) in wall-e's eye - should be fun. :)

Thanks again to both of you.