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Simple Program To C # For The Controls Are A Drone 2.0

Hello everyone!

Guys, maybe you have someone have a simple C # program to control the robot A Drone 2.0? Really need to help out!

I have a simple program in C + + to control, but I can not remake it ((


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Theres one in the ez-SDK for ar drone 1. the ar drone 2.0 hasn't been made compatible yet, but the ar drone one controls work just fine. only the camera doesn't work.

Technopro, It was in the SDK? Oh, man, I just realized that this SDK > <

Take a look here this program - the program there on webcam looking for the line and korektiruet robot line. Can it will merge this program with the example of the SDK? Can you try?
Sorry Sheriff, but i'm still only starting to ease into C#(and at a very young age) so I wouldn't know what to tell you.
I am also a beginner, C # are not used in the training program as well as necessity requires. What to do? No one can help :(
Are you not interested in using ARC? It's a lot easier than C#
I'm very interested, DJ Sures! =) But, I have a version of the AR Drone 2.0 and video EZ-B does not work with the drone, plus video I really really need to get the robot flying through the black line. I, Technopro, SDK took off from the example in C # - it works (except for video) video but I get through my program on the TV tuner (TV tuner does not work the way EZ-B).

Can you help? There should merge the two projects into one, and I have no knowledge of how to do it, unfortunately, but you need to write a program is very urgent.

I searched through the entire internet in search of examples of different, many have found the D but I know it is worse than C #

http://rghost.ru/46148516 (Click "SKACHAT)

Somebody help! In the long stay! *stress*
So, like I wrote a program, it remains an open space in the room to test it.

Another question - what controls the speed of movement in one direction or another?
with ARC, al you have to do to control any ar drone is connect to it through your wifi enabled computer, and then open the ar drone Movement Panel and press connect.

The ar drone 2 works with all the controls except the camera functions. (may vary)
No, I'm asking about a program that C#@Tutorial31 - A Drone@ - it has a set rate, but rather that sets the rate (number, variable) and what is the range of values ??from 0 up to how many? I just want to put to test very slow progress, but would be safe to move away from the drone and walk to the PC by pressing the landscapes, as does the need to control it, and he fell many times - I do not want to break ... For me, the cost is enormous.