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Simple Bluetooth Fix , No Red Light Blinking

Recently I noticed two ezb boards did not connect through Bluetooth and no red blinking led. These were earlier models and ezb quality has really jumped up!;) anyways I tested the connections and found continuity issues , I gently peeled away the Bluetooth with a small flathead screwdriver and removed the tape. I put the Bluetooth back and was sure to press it all the way down. Vuala! This fixed both boards. Maybe the foam warped over time or it was simply too thick to make a good connection but this fixed both my boards connection issues.:)


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try thinner double sided foam tape
Also JOSH it ones you have older style with a small adapter board ,V3,
Looking at mine the connector fits perfect with foam tape.on the next version where he doesnt use the adapter board there is no room for foam tape unless you make the pins longer.

a quick fix is make your own adapter board
Awesome josh! perseverance! and determination