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just a couple of queries, first how long will it be until the new RGB matrix is in the store and has the "spend more than $200 for free shipping" ended. I fully understand if it has.


1) the 8x8 rgb module is a few weeks out. We are finishing touches on the accelerometer and compass currently.

2) free shipping over $200 has ended. We held it for long as we could. However, some countries it costs way too much. Also, if you're ordering complete robots, our retaillers have stock of those. They don't care individual parts.
@Dj... No worries we understand... Is shipping amount dollar driven or by weight?
The shipping is by package dimension and weight
@Richard - shipping is calculated by weight and size.
@DJSures thanks for the info and I think you've been more than generous with what you have done to make robotics affordable to the masses