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Servos Don'T Work

I just received the JD Robot from you last week.

It seems to have a couple defective servos. The first one a main shoulder servo that is in the humanoid body. The second defective one is a lever servo motor.

Both of the servos have power, but they are jerky and often do not return to their correct positions.

Please advise what can be done?


Bob Luebbe


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Hi! We can figure this out:) When did these two servos stop operating correctly?

Check that the servos are connected to the correct ports on the ez-b. I have a feeling the robot is assembled incorrectly. The jd build instructions in the learn section will help you:D. At the time of my response, you have no actually viewed the tutorials for building JD. It appears you've skipped to Making JD Move.

User-inserted image

Also, please ensure you download the EZ-Bit files when ARC loads a project. Answering "Skip", as you have seen by the warning message, will cause instability issues with ARC. Is there a reason you have been not downloading the ez-bit files when loading the JD project?


yes. I checked to make sure the ports were hooked up right. Watch the video of my Robot when I have the servo Fine Tune Profile loaded.


Here is when I try to get it to sit and stand back up.


Those videos help! Thank you for taking the initiative to share. The shoulder and servo are indeed not working correct. Use the Contact Us and provide a link to this forum thread in the warranty claim.:D we'll get you up and running soon!