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Serial Terminal Ezb

Two questions here.

This information below is coming from a Arduino, that is running 3 ultrasonic sensors.

(1.) In the picture below, what are the numbers and letters for that appear in the red circled area?

I ask the next question only because it's late here and getting ready to call it a day and don't have the time to try it now. If no one speaks up then I'll try it tomorrow but if the answer to the question is no then it will save me some time ... hope you understand what I mean here.

(2.) The info in the black box on the left is a serial.print from the Arduino. If I place a variable with that info, will EZB pick it up and show it in the variable watch?

Thanks for any help!

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ASCII values of the data being received. Google what ASCII is. Every character has a number associated with it. Computers work on numbers.

Serial terminal has no EZ-Script capabilities. Terminals are by definition, a method of viewing/interacting with a peripheral. In this case, it's the UART on the ez-b.

If you wish to read data, use the EZ-Script UART commands. There are examples in the learn section under user tutorials and syntax examples in the EZ-Script manual for how to read data. A quick forum search and you will find dozens of examples as well:)

Good luck!