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Serial Serial Serial Ports

Hey everyone,

I have released a new version of the EZ-SDK (2011.02.12.05) that contains a great new feature. Every port can now send uart serial data. Each port can send serial data at common baud rates of 300, 1200, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, and 57600.

Is it easy to use? You bet! Easy as this...

ezB_Connect1.EZB.Uart.SendSerial(Digital.DigitalPortEnum.RD0, Uart.BAUD_RATE_ENUM.Baud_57600, "This is text!");

Now you can connect many digital displays, tellymate, midi and other serial devices to the EZ-B.

Be sure to update your firmware also. Download the latest ARC and run the firmware update utility.

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This is nit-picking, but I'm sure you realize that "UART" stands for Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter, so the EZ-B really has only "UAT" type ports.

Is it true that the PIC serial port is dedicated to the radio, so there's no asynchronous receive channel available?


LOL I guess you can call it a UAT then:)

I have been working on a software receive on every pin . It will be another few weeks before it is released. I have a list of items that are being released every few weeks in firmware updates.

Stay tuned!


Hi, Any update on UART Receive capability? I would really like to use it on the iRobot Create platform. I also have a Sparkfun Razor 9DOF board I would like to use. Thanks, Nelson


It is on the list:)

The iRobot Create can be controlled by the EZ-B, but sensor data can not currently be read. It's in scope.


Hi, Great! That is exactly what I wanted to do is read the sensor data. I am also adding to the command set using the UART path.
Thanks, Nelson


Hi, Just thought I would ping you to see if there are any update on UART Receive capability? Thanks, Nelson


You could try using a couple Pololu Qik Dual Serial Motor controllers: I use them for my RAD 2.0 for controlling the waist and pretty is the Sparkfun link:

Qik Dual Serial Motor Controller


@nyaple UART receive is a bit away still. Once we are caught up with orders - we'll have free time for to work on the list quicker.

maybe 2-3 weeks



I will have a EZ-B Robot Controller on order soon.

With the new serial capability can a SLCD16x2 display be written to?

(It says it is compatible with the Scott Edwards LCD Serial Backpack, whatever that is.)


Can you tell me how much current the EZ-B Board normally draws from its 7.5 volt source?

Thanks again! (I can hardly wait to get my EZ Board setup!)


@WillFlash Yup! The EZ-B will write to the SLCD16x2 with no problem. You will use the 9600 baud setting.

I forget the current draw without any peripherals connected. It was very low. I can take a look in a few minutes and let you know.

Dig your excitement to receive the EZ-B:) Love it!


Hi, Any updates on the UART Receive capability? Thanks, Nelson


Can you suggest a serial LCD display to use with the EZ-B? SLCD16x2? Others? Can you, DJ, put up a schematic for hooking one up?



My robot site


THERE are a few on sparkfun site or ebay any with serial will work.


WOW! was it Johnny 5 that said "More input" Thanks DJ for opening more doors for opportunity, in fact 20 more doors

:):):) Thank once again DJ! .....its time to start flashing! the firmware I mean.