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Resolved Resolved by fxrtst!


what if I wanted to control ten of those cheap dynamixel copies.(16A) and hook them all up in a serial fashion. Would I have enough serial ports on the EZB-4? I would have to assign an ID. The way they are setup, it looks like I could control them off of a single serial port. Suggestions?


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D5. Connect to D5 a string them along. You only need this port.
If I hook them to D5, can I hook all ten of them? Would I set up Virtual ports?

Yes correct...all of them on just the one port (D5) with all 12 having different Ids and choosing them with the Virtual ports.
You bet! Let me know how you like those servos! I might give them a try.
I haven't bought them yet. I am just doing research. But, the look like the Dynimixel A-1.