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Sensor Kit On Ebay

I thought this is a good buy for someone wanting to experiment with different sensors on EZ-B. $35 for 24 sensors.

24 Sensor Kit includes:
1 x Small passive buzzer module KY-006
1 x 2-color LED module KY-011
1 x Hit sensor module KY-031
1 x Vibration switch module KY-002
1 x Photo resistor module KY-018
1 x Key switch module KY-004
1 x Tilt switch module KY-020
1 x 3-color full-color LED SMD modules KY-009
1 x Infrared emission sensor module KY-005
1 x 3-color LED module KY-016
1 x Mercury open optical module KY-017
1 x Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM KY-029
1 x Active buzzer module KY-012
1 x Temperature sensor module KY-013
1 x Automatic flashing colorful LED module KY-034
1 x Mini magnetic reed modules KY-021
1 x Hall magnetic sensor module KY-003
1 x Infrared sensor receiver module KY-022
1 x Class Bihor magnetic sensor KY-035
1 x Magic light cup module KY-027
1 x Rotary encoder module KY-040
1 x Optical broken module KY-010
1 x Detect the heartbeat module KY-039
1 x Reed module KY-025
1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor module KY-032
1 x Hunt sensor module KY-033
1 x Microphone sound sensor module KY-038
1 x Laser sensor module KY-008
1 x 5V relay module KY-019
1 x Temperature sensor module KY-001
1 x Temperature sensor module KY-028
1 x Linear magnetic Hall sensors KY-024
1 x Flame sensor module KY-026
1 x Sensitive microphone sensor module KY-037
1 x Temperature and humidity sensor module KY-015
1 x XY-axis joystick module KY-023
1 x Metal touch sensor module KY-036
1 x Box

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Looks interesting, but check the price you posted. It is $35, not $25, plus $10 for shipping. May still be a good deal, but some of the sensors seem redundant, and others I doubt I would find a use for.

That looks like it would be FUN to play around with.
Thanks Alan. I've corrected it.
True, I wouldn't need it for myself but I think that someone might. Let's say someone wanting to learn about various sensors and practice scripting. Or an educator who has a course for young people.
I just threw it out there.:)
Yeah , even at $45 still looks interesting.
I have a few of these sensors from doing purchases on Deal Extreme (DX), they are separately available there if anyone just wants one or two.

One cool item that I didn't expect to get with (what looks to be) the same I2C RTC that I ordered from DX was a rechargeable 2032 sized 3.6V lithium coin cell. It's a very small rechargeable battery that is a pretty sweet bonus when it comes with this low cost sensor bundle.