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Sendserial Question?


I was just testing a couple serial lcd's as well as a few other serial devices I have and using EZ-Script I have the following:


I get an error message that says "Syntax Error: Hello is not in a valid format. Accepts Hex, Char, String, or Decimal.

What am I doing wrong?

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eek Looks like an unreported bug... Will be fixed in next release


@DJ, by chance is there any workaround for this until the next release? I have some sensors that use serial communications mostly at 9600 and a few at 115200.



Hi DJ and Friens

Getting updates that frequent is very nice!

I've been experimenting with the ez-board for some time. First i bought some servos and got them working. Then decided to experiment with a GPS. That's where i got stuck. I don't see how to read a serial signal from the GPS (The string sent from the GPS). Is there a cmd like GetSerial(port, baud rate, string)? If not, it would be so nice to have. ;-)



@Anders, there is a GPS module in ARC, it's under Misc


@Anders.Plovgaard Charlybot is correct, add the GPS module under Add Control->Misc

Within any EZ-Script editor, there is help on the right resizable window pane. The search box will allow you to search for any GPS specific EZ-Script commands.



@ DJ: Unfortunately i my version of the EZ-Script editor the only command is the "GPSStop(...)" (2012.11.17.00, firmware v16)

I'd expect the GPS module to be connected at one of the digital ports: ex:D8?, the baud rate to be set to ex. 4800 and being able to choose these?

@Charleybot: In the setup in the GPS script under Misc in the Config Window I can choose between the COM3 and COM4 ports (the COM3 is used for bluetooth communication with the ez-board) . I'd expect to be able to choose one of the digital/serial ports (D0-D19) on the ez-board?

Im a bit lost here.



@Anders.Plovgaard "In the setup in the GPS script under Misc in the Config Window"this is gps unit connected to the computer via virtual serial port not the ez_b! happy to help ;)


@ kudo48pa I just checked the GPS script, under Misc, and I don't see those settings

User-inserted image

Did I miss something?


@charley what am i talking about is the gps control is for a computer connected gps unit not an ez_b connected thats why the control asks for a serial port ; bec, gps is connected to a computer throught a serial port;)


@kudo48pa - Got it, okay so if he want's a robot to use a gps and have it connected to the EZ-B, it's just not going to work then, it has to be hooked up to a PC via some sort of serial connection..

If that's the case then he would have to have some sort of wireless to UART controller(s) Like an XBee, one on the robot and the other on the pc, on the pc side he would need some sort of virtual serial port driver I think, correct me if I am wrong..


@CharleyBot, there are hundreds of wireless GPS units on the market. You do not need to hack together anything with xBee. EZ-Robot extends the power of your PC by allowing servos and other peripherals to be controlled. Most robots with embeded GPS will have an embeded PC onboard. This is due to the type of robot that is being built. A robot with GPS is doing more than your average robot.


Thanks everybody! ;)

Your answers and comments brings me back to my original wish, namely a function like "ReadSerial(Port, Baud, *String)", With that I'll try to do the encoding myself. tired