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Sending A Snapshot In An E-Mail

I have the new SMTP Client plugin installed and working. I have it configured so that if the camera in my robot detects any motion, I get an e-mail and it takes a picture of what is moving.
Now to take it one step further, is there a way to have that snapshot e-mailed to me as well?
I thought I had seen something on this awhile ago but I can't find anything.
Has anyone tried doing this? Is it possible?


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You'd have to modify the smtp client plugin to make that happen.
By "you'd" did you mean you? LOL That's beyond my capabilities.
It would be great if a video could be sent as well.
lol fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine:)
Wow, that's fast! Installed it and it works great! One e-mail sends the message and the next e-mail has the image. Thanks
Both commands send a message fyi.

Sends only text
ControlCommand("SMTP Client", Send, "bob@bobberton";, "Bob Smith", "Test", "This is a test message")

Sends image and text
ControlCommand("SMTP Client", SendImage, "Camera", "bob@bobberton.com";, "Bob Smith", "This is the subject", "This is the message body")
Good deal, works GREAT!
Here's what I'm getting;
User-inserted image
@DJ, this is so Awesome!

Bob, that's pretty freaking sweet!