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Segway Skateboard, Can Ez-Robot Use Imu Analog Combo Board

I saw this on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGbbag9dklU

here is his site:http://www.robosys.co.uk/

and here another how to make: http://www.instructables.com/id/Self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-skateboard/?ALLSTEPS

And it was right after I had just finished buying my EZ-Robot kit. My question is can the EZ-robot controller use IMU Analog Combo Board with gyroscope and accelerometer, in the place of Arduino Uno or Duemilanove?

I am very sorry if this is a supid question, but I am very new to the robotic world and I am fasinated with where it can take and help us in the future.

I will need so much help with this project but I know it will take me months to complete.

please let me know if this is doable and if EZ-robot can make it any easier.

Thank you for your time.

Total coast I calculated for myself under $1000.00
which is good for a great piece of history and a taste of the future.


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You can use any analog sensors with the EZ-B from the 8 ADC ports alon the left side of the board. Gyro's and Acceloremeters, etc can all be used. You'll get the most advantage from them by using the EZ-SDK .. However, you can still write EZ-Script or use the Realtime C#/VB control for very fast response:)

Maybe someday i'll have time to create a balancing robot and put it into a control for ya!
So very cool to know. I will have to download the SDK! A control for a balancing robot would be cool.

I have a rapid prototyping 3d printer, and want to get all this new robot development into some more interesting looking skins. I can print anything I can design in the computer on my printer. So I am doing tons of designs to try to give these robots, faces heads and bodies that are more like movie robots. America is so far behind on full bipedal robots, we have spent too much time building and warring with battle bots..lol! But even wheeled or track robots can look cool with a great design and skin.

I'm hoping to build a business around robots and prototyping in the next year. Currently I work in the motion picture industry and tired of working 100 hour work weeks on set (After 25 years). Your EZB, may have just built the foundation for my new company!


Thanks for the video, that little robot was a mazing! I would like to the balancing robot, that really attractive these days, because it takes imagination to make great bots. I can't wait to see what ez robot can do for me. I think after seeing that mini bot carry around drinks, I want to make one just like it, do u know who made it, or did u make it?

Thanks and good luck on ur projects