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Seeking Omnibot 2000

Looking for an Omnibot 2000 in good working condition/with box. Anyone have info on where to find one these days?


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All i can say is: Estate sales, eBay, Amazon and the used toy market. I spent a fair amount of time looking for one before choosing a RAD robot instead.
I have one in great condition and a modified one painted red as well. For the right price I would sell either
I also have Rad robots as well
I don't really have a good idea of what these sell for and the ones I'm seeing on ebay are missing remote/pieces for around $150. How much are you asking for a complete working bot?
Do you want a completely Virgin original condition Omnibot 2000 or would you want a project that has already been tricked out?
Most likely the out-of-box version, though you've got me curious... what modifications? Pls send pricing info to shaeg9@live.com.
Once josh has your email I would take it down. Spam is all too often.
Thanks, greatly appreciated. I saw in one of the other threads some of the pics of the red omnibot. Very cool, but I'm just looking for the plain-Jane 1984 version, more for nostalgia. Looking for one that works, with the tray/etc. and would be great to find an instruction book and box.
I have a Omnibot 2000 original and tray to go with it. I don't have the remote but with ez robot you don't need that anyways.
Hello , I can post pics later. Basically I have the original Omnibot 2000 unmodified and the motorized tray that goes with him and the 6v lead acid battery purchased from power sonic.

I would take 400 , or combination of money and possible trade for ez robot equipment. I am trying to raise money and get equipment for educational bots that I started posting the build info for.
The average Omnibot 2000 ends up selling for 200 to 250 broken and without the tray with it and no battery. The most common issue is a broken drive train and arm broken off
I received one complete with remote as a Christmas gift, and managed to find a semi-functional second bot for parts, so I'm good bot-wise.

The arms attach fine, and motors are all functional, but having some problems with the controller chips on the motherboard. Both were DOA, but have been able to restore both boards to life. Planning to restore one of the bots to original specs, and attempt an EZ robot project similar to the Jarvis example with the second bot.

Does anyone have one of the removed original boards/cassette deck & clock from one of these guys (preferably on the US frequency pairing - 49.860/49.405MHz?

I've got to change out some of the original controller components and imagine these parts are unfindable. With so many bot restorations, it would be great to track down an unused original brain for these guys.
User-inserted image
Below is the issue I've encountered on the original board. The controller labeled B82~R4G has caught fire and literally burnt out.
User-inserted image

Unrelated, I noticed the frequency crystals are indeed replaceable (to operate one of the regional bots from a US remote). There is a small fine-tuning variable transformer located beside the frequency crystal, just inside of the LED. Changing them out requires a bit of careful effort though.

User-inserted image
Greatly appreciated!
At some point I will gut the brain and the such from the Omnibot 2000 I have, because it will be converted to an EZB robot.
A little off topic, any updates on Glenn?