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Sdk - How Do I Connect To Ez Builder?

HI there.

Maybe I am overlooking something, but I can't find any reference on how to connect to the ARC Software, using the SDK.

All the examples show a direct connection to the EZB (Board). I want to access my "project" instance inside EZ-Builder, and interact with my board using the SDK (parallel to the controls already set up and working inside my ARC project.)

To my knowledge the EZB only allows one connection to it, so I don't want to connect to it directly. I have some basic controls set up inside my project, and I want to do some extra stuff from the SDK. (For now, just move a servo).

The aim of what I am trying to do is to try and understand the various ways in which the SDK can be used.

If I missed a tutorial or documentation somewhere discussing this, please point me in the right direction.



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What you looking for is ARC skill plugin.

Please look for how to create a plugin in the tutorials section.

Then you should look for plugins most of them have the source code.

Good luck;)
South Africa
@ptp. I am aware of the plugin feature. For now, I want to use the SDK as described above. I am playing with all the relevant features of the product.

Another used mentioned that it is possible to connect to the ARC application from the SDK. I would like some more information on this scenario.

If you are going to be running ARC and the SDK at the same time, I would suggest using plugins. If you are writing your own process that doesn't depend on ARC, use the SDK.
Most SDK to ARC integrations are done by passing variables through the script interface. See Tutorial 52 in the C# folder.

A good example open source project, although deprecated since ARC now provides the functionality itself, is EZ-Face.


However, the plugin interface provides a better integration experience. It was developed after the SDK to meet the specific needs you have outlined, so it probably the better choice for what you are trying to do.

There are a couple of other options. Pass in variables to ARC from the SDK and do things in ARC based on these variables...
Use the TCP port (default 6666 but it has to be enabled in ARC) to pass information or retrieve information from ARC.

You have to start by deciding if you want the SDK or ARC to be the brain and control of the EZ-B. If you have that being ARC, use plugins. If you don't want ARC, use the SDK to do everything.
South Africa
Thanks, guys.

So to surmise, there is no feature from the SDK to hook into the EZB project directly. I have to use one of the several techniques to accomplish my goals. This has answered my question. Thanks.

@CochranRobotics, without trying to detract from how cool ARC is, to be honest, I feel more comfortable building my "brain" inside my own environment that I have been working with for years. This is why I am so interested in the SDK.

I did, however, want to make use of some already very well established controls inside ARC. (Object recognition etc, and 3rd party integrations). All the work has already been done, and it would seem a waste to re-invent the wheel here.

For now, it looks like I may have to take the long route if I want to continue working in my own environment. If it does become an issue, I will look at changing my approach to one of the suggested methods of integration. I might even compile my "brain" into a plugin at a later, more mature stage of development.

Thanks for all the info and suggestions.
South Africa
@CochranRobotics and @thetechguru

Thanks to both of you for your help. ;)