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Sdk Help Please

Can someone please help me get a working copy of the sdk program no matter where i look i cant find it and when i find some thing that says thats what t is it turns out to be some thing compleatly diffrent or will not install or directs me to some other website that is nothing but ads for garbage that invects my computer will nasty viruses i have been trying to find it sints i first discoverd ez-robot but never have any luck at all and when i try on my own the end resalt is a dead computer that needs to be compleatly reformatted as it is now im allmost ready to give up on this stuff compleatly stress

please help


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I think your period and punctuation buttons are broken - because i ran out of breath reading that sentence:)

You can download the EZ-SDK by visiting the Downloads menu option at the top of this page. The Download button for the EZ-SDK is to the right of the ARC section. Click and download it to your computer:)

Although, chances are you do not need the SDK. It's best to start with ARC, and move into the SDK once you have some programming experience. ARC has scripting in EZ-Script, C# and VB built-in. So you'll have plenty of fun playing with existing controls and adding new scripts:D


I have the sdk samples but thay are usless to me if a cant run them to see how thay work yes i can open them in note pad but that dont help when i cant see them working so i could understand just what the codes do till i can open them in an sdk program thay just cunfuse me bigtime

Sorry about my grammer i have learning disabilaties that make spelling and stuff vary hard on me plus only having grade three dont help much lol Kinda makes me wonder how i ever managed to script in mirc and html letalone combine the two together into scripts that worked in both formats at the same time lol But one script im realy interested in is one that creats txt and ini files on the fly with that little script i could do many many things and more that i cant even think off yet lol


Thank You but i have to say it did not work the link took me to a page of many downloads tryed them all some came down but for them i need a newer windows and others i need to pay for so i did not get them so after a year of trying to get it working with no luck at all im thinking its time to admit that i cant do it and just give up on it compleatly

Thank You trying to help


What you'll need is Visual Studio - that is a development environment and compiler. When you build programs, you use a programming language (i.e. C# or VB). You do that in a development environment (also called an IDE) and in this case it is Visual Studio. The IDE is where you edit the code, and it interfaces with the compiler.

The SDK is a library that you reference in your programming code.

To program, you need Visual Studio - that's the most popular in Windows - and that is what EZ-Robot natively supports.

I would recommend you use ARC to start. You can start by using pre-designed controls. Then interface controls with EZ-SCript. Finally, you can create your own controls using the built-in C# and VB editor in ARC.

There are examples under File->Examples within ARC:)