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Sdk: C# Adc

I'm building a robot arm controlled by a master with potentiometers. I'm having trouble reading the ADC value from the pot with C#. I keep getting an error that says "Identifier Expected". I'm fairly knowledgeable in C++ and, try as I might, I can't figure out what is wrong. This is the code that causes the error.


Help is greatly appreciated :D .

Look at one of the projects with ADC in the label. The SDK has many examples.. Tutorial 3 - Move servo With ADC is a good one.:)

Great thing about C# is the syntax completion. As you type and hit the . (period), it will pop-up applicable methods, etc.. Also when you use a ( (bracket) at the end of a method, it'll show you the applicable parameters:D

I like C# because of that! There is very little C++ left in EZ-Robot... I'm moving away from it entirely
Thanks! This may sound like a foolish question, but how exactly do I run those tutorials?
Also, do you know of any good Visual C# tutorials for beginners?
Also, how do I connect my EZ-B with Visual C# 2010?
Hello, there are nearly 50 tutorial examples in the C# example folder. Please start with the first example. To learn C#, you may look for local community courses at your college/university. Also, there are many books and online tutorials to help you learn C#.:)
Thanks, but the tutorials only work if the EZ-B is connected in the Visual C# software. How do I do this? I have no problem connecting in ARC, but I just can't figure it out in Visual C#.
Thanks for the help, your company has the best customer service I've ever seen. :)
Most the tutorials use the exact same method as ARC to connect to the EZ-B, thats because ARC is built in c#. The idea is to use c# to connect to the com port that your ez-b is addressed on via the bluetooth. Watch some of DJ's videos and look through his examples he provides with the .dll download for programmers, he provides what info you need to get started. Also do look into c# coding if you can learn the basics you can learn to create your own interfaces using the .dll.