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Scriptmanager Randomness


Is anyone experiencing so weird randomness with ScriptManager? I find if I have moved any of my scripts up/down it acts kinda weird afterwards.

Almost like the script description has moved but the data table doesn't realize it.

I'll Post my OmniBot Script up. -> Omnibots

If you run "Start", wait a wee bit then run "Random-Pause" you get some scripts running that shouldn't be.

Also having some troubles with getting my personality generators to pauseoff

Help me ObiWan your my only hope!


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I ran your scripts and they're doing what they should. Starting and stopping all over the place. Some call the same script twice.... Which means it'll execute again after it ran the last time.

For example, if one script asks to call SCRIPT1... and SCRIPT1 isn't done but another script calls SCRIPT1 again, it'll wait until it's done - if I explained it clearly?

I think what you need is a STOPALL action - instead of trying to stop all scripts in order.

And your presonality generator seems to pauseoff no problem for me.



Thanks for looking.

I finally got the pauseoff to work. I had to move it to the top of the script.

I'll work on rolling all my randomness into the personality generator and pause on/off when needed.


I'll work on StopAll - i think it'll be a useful script command :)


That would be great.