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Script Manager Good But One Extra Feature Could Make It Fantastic

Hi DJ, I've been using your script Manager today which is great, especially the way you can move their position up and down the manager. Now what would make this tool totally awesome would be if you could link the scripts together or detach them. The reason for this and why it would be so good is that you could then try different script combinations. Presently I'm trying different arm movement combinations for music and voice responses but can only watch them in action one at a time. If this already has this feature and I've missed it I do apologize.



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I do not understand how to implement such a thing. EZ-Scripts consist of words, which are commands. The Script Manager is a graphical control with buttons associated with executing each collection of commands. There is no way to know "where to insert another script" without a keyword in the script. Which means you might as well use the ControlCommand - same amount of work but a few extra letters to type.

Thank you for the suggestion:)


I was thinking if you had a graphical control that be pressing it (like an Icon) it could stack one script on top of another and allow them to run in sequence. Press another Icon and they remain seperate. I didn't think it would be that hard but worth exploring. If it can't be done - it can't be done, thanks for looking into it. sleep


You can already do that. You can do that by making a script and using the ControlCommand to execute each script...

ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStartWait, "MyScript1")
ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStartWait, "MyScript2")
ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStartWait, "MyScript3")


So I start a single script control box,

then enter the script names from the script manager i.e

ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStartWait, "MyScript1.1") ControlCommand("Script Manager", ScriptStartWait, "MyScript 1.2")

then if I press start on the script manager, will both function ?


Hang on, CC can use Script manager as a reference. You cannot use go the other way. Thats great - I'm using it now.


It would now be nice for experimental purposes on robot actions scripted in - if you could move the order of cc commands up or down to change the sequence within the script box. Other wise it's cut and paste.