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Script Coding

In looking at the script coding for Ping Roam I can guess the # means a comment. In trying to save I keep getting an error about unable to find label for Goto (detect) and the same error for a GOTO (detect). I did find a grin:tect and changed it to detect but still have the error pop up when attempt to save or check for syntax errors. I would be grateful for any and all help in getting the script ironed out for my project.

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Yes # denotes a comment.

I assume you have copied and pasted from the forum? There is an issue with the forum formatting some characters as smiliey faces which screws up the code.

In the topic should be a link to pastebin where you can copy and paste the raw code unaltered, or you can download from the EZ-Cloud the project where you can copy & paste or import into another project.

Basically though, what is happening sounds like the labels have been altered, no dount to a:D since you need a colon : to denote a label and the D from detect is being converted to the smiley.

In the code find the Detect routine and make sure the label for it is a colon : and then the word detect without any spaces between.

Hope that helps.
Instead of copying and pasting, why don't you download the complete file from his sources given. This forum adds strange characters when we type. Especially from a phone.

Hope that this helped.

Thanks this helps me understand the concept better.
United Kingdom
You're more than welcome, I'm glad it helps and if there is any part of it you aren't sure of, or just want to question please feel free to ask, I wrote it not just as a cool script but to help others learn to write cool scripts (and to help me learn too).

Feel free to improve it too, all I ask is for you to share any improvements to the script with the community:)