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Scaling Up

Lets say I worked out the Mechatronics/physics issues.

Is there anything about the software in this thing that prevents me from scaling up. Like any issues with making a two ton Hexapod using the Hexapod logic.

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Go for it...Hydraulic Servos work well.
Give it a try, This is all about innovation
I am going to try it out. Let you know the results.
That's cool. Kind of reminds me of an industrial backhoe. Did you notice the red fire extinguisher by the guy's feet? Kind make me wonder if it's for the Mantis blowing up or something it runs over or steps on. LOL. :)

Understandably it moves slow. However I'd love to see two in a high speed race. :P
United Kingdom
Yes Dave it’s pretty cool, Matt Denton is a really talented guy, I brought a barebones metal hexapod kit from his Company many yrs ago, which I’m now completely rebuilding using HDD Servos and of course a EZB controller.

The fire extinguisher ?? did make me laugh!
I saw the Mantis! And noticed it used hexengine. I think the EZB hexapod is way more articulate. going to find out how it scales!