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Sabertooth Battery

i need to get a battery for a sabertooth 2x12.
i wanted to know what other roboteers have used.

this is whats in the downloadable pdf.

Input voltage: 6-24V nominal, 30V absolute max.
Output current: Up to 12A continuous per channel. Peak loads may be up to 25A per
channel for a few seconds. These ratings are for input voltages up to 18v in still air without
additional heatsinking.
5V switching BEC: Up to 1A continuous and 1.5A peaks across the entire range of input
Recommended power sources are:
. 5 to 18 cells NiMH or NiCd
. 2s to 6s lithium ion or lithium polymer. Sabertooth motor drivers have a lithium
battery mode to prevent cell damage due to over-discharge of lithium battery
. 6v to 24v lead acid
. 6v to 24v power supply (when in parallel with a suitable battery).

I've used them all. I guess it comes down to what you need to fit into your project and if weight is an issue.

What size is your project?
What all are you trying to power?
How long do you want it to last before recharge?

Knowing these thing will help towards choosing a battery.
the project is an rc car adapted to ez-b control.

i will only power the sabertooth 2x12 off of the battery.

i would prefer 1-4 hours min.
1.) not sure on voltage, looking at 11V-24V

2.)not sure what type of battery, lead acid
lithium ion or lithium polymer
5 to 18 cells NiMH or NiCd