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Ryze Tello Drone

Has anyone tried to integrate Ryze Tello Drone with Synthiam ARC? I'm a novice to all this, and just trying to figure out how to connect the two.

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First and foremost, I want to thank you for democratizing robotics for those of us who didn't grow up coding. New favorite hobby. Ok, enough gushing. Found some python scripts that appear to cleanly stream the video from the Tello drone; does ARC ingest python scripts for video?
Thanks for the kind words

Since python is a scripting language that wraps programs and advanced libraries, i don't think it'll help. The question would be what libraries is the python script wrapping? Once you know the video codec, it can be easily pushed into ARC's camera video. 

Pretty much once we know what video codec it is, we just point the decoder at the UDP or TCP port and start displaying video.