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Running Jd For Longer Time


is there a way to have JD run for longer time. May be external power supply. The time the battery last is not enough for me to deal more with JD and I have to wait for the battery to recharge. I have another Humanoid robot (Bioloid) that I can connect it to external power supply and work with it for hours.

Thank you


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Thanks for asking the question @roboticMayor. I am posting here so i can follow this post.


Hey guys,

With Six and Roli, using their battery door, it's fairly easy just to swap a low battery for a fresh one to keep going but JD's design wasn't able to offer the same convenience. It does take ~1.5 hours to get JD fully charged and back up and running again once the battery is low. We are currently looking at a few options to use external power with JD, it seems that it might take a bit of extra hardware though.

The number one challenge with using an external power supply is to find one that can stand up to the in rush current demands of our metal gear servos without browning out. We're working on finding a capable supply and a easy way to interface it to JD, stay tuned!


@Jeremie That is great news! J :D