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Rss Feed - Rss Address Copy & Paste Questions

I've been experimenting with the examples for rss feeds. I notice you cannot copy and paste the entire feed address in the left hand script column because it comes up as a hypertext link in blue. Is there something I'm doing wrong ? Also there are commas at the start and end of the address - should I also be looking for how the feed address ends as some of the ones I've been tested do not work ?

Thanks for any help offered on this ;)


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Copy and paste with control-v for paste

You'd have to provide a sample for the rest of what you're referring too
Ok, if I web search rss for melbourne weather I get


so I ctrl c and ctrl v into the script control and it is blue and has an underline. Now my understanding from the example is it that it now needs to be layed out as:


When I click start on the above example I get Marions weather report - but I need Melbourne

so I set out the rss Melbourne site as per the Marion example and enter it as


to test it I click Start and nothing happens ?
You'd need to verify that it is an rss feed. The underlining is because it is a link. It will go away when you click save, but stay when pasted. In windows, links will be blue with an underline. Or they will be a different color if overridden by the programmer.

If the link is an rss feed, it will work great.
OK.. DJ..how do you know if it's a feed ? I guess that's where I'm not sure.

I know the rss feed feature works fine because it plays the Marion example. Are there certain things to look for in a feed that will work, say, they must end in X or start with Y.

Sorry I'm new to this rss stuff. ;)

It will have RSS somewhere in the URL address. Not all RSS feeds are compatible. But, most of them work good.

Thanks Moviemaker

I found some info on the subject in an article...as follows

Which Version of RSS To Use and Does It Matter?

For the purposes of this article, no it doesn't. If you were going to build your own aggregator or a program to read RSS feeds, you would care, but that's not the point of this article.

Here are the basics of RSS (no matter what the version) (view sample RSS - right click or click and hold to open in a new window):
It is XML. This means it must be well-formed, include a prolog and DTD, and all elements must be closed.
The first element in the document is the element. This includes a mandatory version attribute.
The next element is the element. This is the main container for all RSS data.
The element is the title, either of the entire site (if it's at the top) or of the current item (if it's within an ).
The element indicates the URL of the Web page that corresponds to the RSS feed, or if it's within an , the URL to that item.
The element describes the RSS feed or the item.
The element is the meat of the feed. These are all the headlines (), URLs () and descriptions that will be in your feed.

I guess I'll just try different ones as you say Moviemaker.


:) :)