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Rs Media Bot Motor Controllers

I actually have 2 Rad bots ,3 WowWee RS V2's and 1 RS Media Robosapien and both rads are fixed and ready for upgrades but the V2's all had the stripped wire damage and possibly blew the foot regulators or transister boards but all motors,sensors and cameras still are good.The RS media is almost working ,I have fixed the arm linkages and currently taking apart the neck area to replace a stripped motor gear but it was starting up with remote functions working to control it,although media board display and sound seem dead so far,will order replacement wire I am wondering about all the dead V2's,can the EZ B control these arm and leg motors with a certain servo controller? I have found all the motor wires and can activate them with battery power.Now here is the other funny question I have.As a little kid at the height of Disco in the late 70's early 80's I only liked Beatles and Elvis music then and had no idea what was going on in the Disco night clubs at that time.I had this one memory of a kids birthday party I was invited to and it was Roller skating with the Disco music playing in the Roller-Arena. one Disco tune always stuck in my mind but could not remember the name (I became a life long heavy metal maniac,LOL!) I accidentally found the Disco tune on youtube and it was "Let the music play" by Shannon so then i started watching all the disco videos from that time period and there are these insane dance moves,that I can't believe are even possible at these "soul Train" old dance club videos.Totally blew my mind watching these! So some of these dance moves they called the "robot" and it looks so real when they do it,LOL! My goal is to try to duplicate these rapid robot dance moves with vintage Disco tunage,just to see if it's possible--to duplicate a human pretending to be a robot with a real robot,are these kind of quick servo movements possible?,I know seems like a dumb goal but could be fun to try it!:D


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controlling motors, such as for wheels Requires a motor controller. You would use a 2.5 Amp Motor Controller

A servo is different. learn about servos here:

Personally, I would rip the motors out and exchange them with servos, if they're not being used for wheels.

A motor and a wheel makes sense, because that's how a robot moves around

A motor and a joint, such as arm, doesn't make sense because there is no control of position with a motor.

It would require some hacking and a hot glue gun:) but you could make the robosapein into a real robot with some effort.


Ahhh yes will research about servo motors, as I do think I could get the more rapid and accurate motor movements,they do look like useless cheap motors on the V2 arms and they are too slow from what I can see on the RS media bot!


I had some trouble trying to get the ARC software on my Laptop(on my desk top pc was no problem) but on the Laptop I had windows 7 but no service pack 1 which was needed to update the .NET framework newer version or else the windows ARC would refuse to install.Solved all that and the software looks impressive,so many cool things to experiment with,just waiting for my order to get the controller shipped,how long does the process take on a new order?