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Rover And Being Able To Remotely Control From Work


I have a rover v1 and I was wondering how can I control this rover from work?


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Hi @Konradmx6 Are you using v4 EZB if so please take a look at this tutorial and setup ezb in client mode


How do I connect to the rover and the internet at the same time?


You need to login remotely using you public ip address and port of Ezb

Have you completed ins in last post


If you understand the process of accessing your router in order to port forward ports 23 and 24 (which I just recently figured out how to do), then it will be easy to explain how to do what you want.... If not, you can use a free program called Team Viewer....


Once you correctly forwarding ports 23 and 24, you then have to configure ARC.... After that the process would be to connect to ARC remotely, which in turn would be connected to your rover....


hold on everyone.... Rover doesn't require an EZ-B, it is directly controlled by ARC. The problem is that Rover runs in AP mode, much like the EZ-B or an AR-Drone default settings, so you can't have both a connection to a rover and connection to the internet at the same time. Unlike EZ-B and AR-Drone, it can't be put in client mode (as far as I know, there may be hacks available).

To control a rover over the internet, you will need to have 2 computers. One within Wifi range of the rover running ARC and one for remote control (the remote control one could be a tablet or smartphone).

The one near the Rover will need two network connections. A WiFi connection to the Rover, and a wired or WiFi connection to your home network for Internet access. If using WiFi, you will need two WiFi adapters, one for each network. Your home network will need to be on a different subnet than the rover (ie, a different IP address range. I don't know the rover's subnet, so you'll need to look elsewhere for how to do that. If it overlaps with your home network, you'll need to change the home network since you can't change the rover).

Once you have Internet and Rover access on the same machine, then there are numerous ways to connect to the PC running ARC. Richard R's suggestion of using Team Viewer is the easiest, and it is free, so a good choice particularly for someone not well versed in networks and port forwarding.



Ahhhh... Thanks Alan, I was hoping you would chime in here.... I probably shouldn't have posted since my knowledge of port forwarding and network stuff is still rather limited....

Cheers Richard


The rover does not have the ability to connect to your network.

To control a robot remotely with the process the above posts are explaining, use an eZrobot revolution roli.