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Rover / 4X4 / Tank Tracks Or Awd Robot Base 4 Channel H Bridge

If dj gets them back in stock I hear his h bridges are good but right now he's out. I know a few people have tracks or SWF and in turning there's a spike in Amps as if they are stalled. This is a great motor controller than can use encoders and carry the right or left motors automatically or when in straight forward it makes sure all the motors are producing the same power/ rpm. It's rated at 4.5 amp per channel. This is particularly ideal for setups where multiple motors need to turn.the same speeds , that's hard to do using seperate controllers.

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I have this controller and the rover 5 with encoders but my lack of experience has me at a loss for exactly how to connect to ez-b and how to set up controle. I have no experience but logically this seemed the best option for the rover 5. Can anyone help me out? I'm in a robot rut at the moment.


Hey can you post high resolution pics of the board and diagram in your instructions? I believe the enable and signal pins are basically like the other standard controllers. Post pics and I will help from there OK;) - Josh S


not 100% sure what you mean but here are some pics of the board. my camera is.. ok. User-inserted image

User-inserted image


I just realized you must have meant diagram in the instructions that came with the board. There weren't any..


Still waitin on Dr. J to save the day. Just had 3 teeth extracted and could use a distracting project.