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Rough Delivery Date?

I've tried contacting EZ-robot multiple times about this (no responses after about half a week of waiting) and im just wondering when I can expect my EZ-B v4 to show up at my doorstep. Thanks! :D (and yes, i pre-ordered)


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It's been mentioned numerous times in the forums and if you have pre-ordered you will have received an email explaining all.


Unexpected Demand EZ-Robot Revolution sales have exceeded our expectation - which have also exceeded our previous manufacturing capabilities. As the demand to experience our revolutionary product increased, we also had to increase our manufacturing arrangement. The previous manufacturer did not have the resources to complete the plastic product molds in a reasonable amount of time. This required us to travel across the world many times (once with only 2 days' notice) to interview and source a new scalable manufacturing solution. This has caused a short unexpected delay in shipping of approximately 30-45 days.

If you missed the email you can read it here


I seem to only be getting automated thread emails. Thanks though!


Just to add, that email was sent on December 4th, so add 30-45 days, and barring any further updates, pre-orders should ship early to mid January.



Just like I tell the Grand-kids, "It'll be here when it gets here". :)

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It's been in development for over 12 months, if not longer. It's only been announced for, at best 6 months.

Most people are excited to see the progress on the V4 and how it has evolved, unfortunately you land in the minority with not wanting to even know about it until it's available. However, going by the demand (which is the main factor in it's delay), it would be out of stock pretty much as soon as it was made available which is no better than "coming soon".

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to announce new products before release too, for instance to gauge what the demand will be like but more importantly, at least for me, to give information to those who wish to see it. I've been working on another robot for the best part of 6 months now, if I hadn't known of the V4 my plans would most likely have taken a lot more work to change in order to accommodate the V4. Knowing about it has helped me plan it out much better and has allowed me to design it in such a way that it will save me headaches and money by using the V4s features. Knowing that you can link more than 5 together has also allowed me to look at adding additional features and functions which I would not have been able to do with the V3.

I'm not really too sure what the negatives are to knowing as much information as possible about future developments other than the waiting time (which I'd rather have to deal with than not knowing).


I agree Rich , knowing about product development in the this product field is very important. This benefits the business and product development because the hype gets conversations started about what the potential and current customers want or more specifically what their expectations are for the coming products. On the other hand stress it also benefits the customer because getting into a pre order means you get more for your money because the development is ongoing. You literally get the most for your dollar.

Think about other known brand names , Intel magellin, raspberry pi, arduino uno ect. They were all announced with expected features a year before they were even available. This difference is that ez robot uses feedback to further product development during this pre order period and the customers who are already privileged to learn about ez robot have a option to get the product at a low price. Those other products didn't do any serious advancements since they were announced and offered no opportunities to save money getting in the door early.


My dad was the one that wanted to know (he's slightly impatient), but it's nice to know this just the same. Thanks again! :D


Ah, now I see what the big speeches are about, there is an award system for the best answer to a question, show's you how observant I am.

@jstarne1 Quote " Those other products didn't do any serious advancements since they were announced and offered no opportunities to save money getting in the door early. "

Some of these companies have not only developed their product but have their own magazine and multiple languages for their product with support and extensive manuals and add-on's in the same or less time frame as EZ-B , the Raspberry PI for one.

But it's all good I own most of these " other products" you refer to and I've watched the developments, i've not fall'in in love with any of them because they are " Products " but realize that some people have!

That is why I'd personally like to have 3 eggs in my 3 egg omelet rather than 2 with one busted on the floor.

keep smiling :)


Lol , no pay per answer system I know of.

A ez robot magazine , that actually sounds super awesome. How cool would it be to have a e- magazine and eventually a print version for ez robot customers.

Thanks for the idea putt Putt

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You will find that both myself and Josh have posted as much information as clearly as possible since way before the award system came in to effect. If you were more observant you would find that this community is built on members who are willing to help other members. To imply that the award system is the reason for the help is incorrect, I for one never aid anyone purely for the award of an answered question. My answered questions only provide reassurance that the knowledge I choose to share is of some benefit to new members should they be in any doubts as to the responses they receive.


The award system is only a few months old at best. I've received serious help, in more than just robotics, from the EZ Community before that system started. They started that system more to sort of keep track of who seems to be helping the most because it happens so often. They may decide to reward them for it but it is not the other way around.

People like Rich and Josh (to just name a very small few of an overwhelming many) have helped me and others so many times and in so many ways. I'd also quickly like to mention that I've noticed some newer and very knowledgeable members who are also very helpful. And I'm pretty sure it's not because they hope to win a prize. Have you seen the EZ Ducki yet? That just shows you what this community is like. ;)

And this just dawned on my as I type but, a monthly synopsis of the forum threads would not only be a great read but a decent sized magazine as well. Just wanted to put that out there since it just popped in.

I don't think Putt Putt meant any offense but for others or maybe newer users they need to know that the help is purely from the courtesies and graces of those giving it. Not for "!CASH AND PRIZES!" :)

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That's what I was trying to get across (you'll have to excuse me, I have been awake for 36 hours straight now so I may not be quite so elegant with my replies). When the award system was first brought in I could foresee (incorrectly I may add) that people may flock to a post and attempt to answer it incorrectly just to get the credit. Fortunately that hasn't but I did just want to reiterate that the awards system is not the reason for anything and the help and guidance was there before it came in to place.

I didn't get the impression offence was intended.

I'm sure 2014 will be a great year for the community. Once the V4s ship and the rush is done with they have an office full of staff, some of those members of staff will no doubt be taking a lot more time for the community stuff so I am sure we will see some cool things going on :)


I agree with Rich, all my contributions to this forum are to help members with solutions to their questions.


@Rich, I thought you came off fine. I was just trying to help back it up :)


Hey guys, I'm not offended, I have an opinion of my own and anyone can take it whatever way they like, they can take it with a grain of salt, seriously, hogwash, useful or just a conversation item really it's all good.

But one thing I must say ( because I have my own opinion is ) boy are some of you guys defensive! Please be careful how you jump on a new guy or others because they have an idea or an opinion that doesn't match your idea or opinion, you may just scare them off and miss something that they have to contribute. Not everything is positive, lots of us learn from our mistakes.

O yes and if you do celebrate Christmas well then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. :)


Not defensive in any way. Sometimes information as well as previous posts may not be noticed by newer readers within this vast forum. Everyone charge your batteries and get ready for "A Happy New Year"


Well, we take pride in our forum. And so sometimes if we take that someone is trying to say something untrue or rude about it we jump on it to 'put out the flame'. I'm sure there might be a bit of over aggsagaration in our answers because many of us enjoy meeting and helping people on the forum. We also have to get a lot of things in sometimes. I doubt the awards system has created a 'suck up' frenzy or anything like that. We're just trying to help.

I hope you take away good experiences from this forum.


Putt Putt's been around here for a long time and has helped out his fair shair. I'm sure he's awear how the forum world works.