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Roomba With Eyes &Amp; An Attitude

Just got a sound sensor from China, mounted it between two speakers, wired a couple of LED spinning lights (12vdc) to it and ran a couple of recorded sound bytes.


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That is so cool Doc!... You have a link for those sound sensors?


Robot-Doc, Now we know what Roombas are really thinking! Very cool work. Do you have links on the sound sensor and L.E.D.s? Thanks for sharing your video. Steve S


Here is the link for the Sound Sensor

For some reason there is no link for the little circle flashing LEDs.

OK, found the same style of flashing leds but they are on a larger PCB.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Its hard to read Chinese converted to English... Am I correct in assuming that it drives the brightness of LEDs (or other) depending on the audio wired through it or does it have a mic that picks up the audio level that way?


From what I can tell there is a sensor inside the little plastic box and the sensitivity to sound is adjusted by a small knob.


So if you clapped your hands or a dog barking or just any fairly load ambient noise would trigger it? Ok, I am sold going to grab one...

Thanks Doc


Richard R - the sensor is powered using 12vdc so the output that is switched on when sound triggers it is also 12vdc. It's kinda like whatever voltage is used to power the sound sensor is also the voltage that is present on the output connector.


When I goes into stand by mode, or it doesn't detect any sound it would be hilarious if you made it say random things for example Portal Turret Sound - "Are you still there"?


ArmaDyne, the MDFly sound board will store 100 verbal messages so there may be many random messages in its future.


If you program it to say portal turret sayings film it please cause it will make me laugh haha


For me its all about the personality .....@Robot-Doc awesome!