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Roomba Tutorial Clarification

I have a Roomba model 4210 discovery that do used in the tutorial. Do I only need to apply power and it comes on ordo iI need to press a button each time to prepare for a connection to ezb. If I must press a button each time I can't see the Roomba being a useful base for beer robot unless just use the motors and case and remove everything else. Can someone verify this? The Roomba I have is already modified for external power.

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The power button will need to be pressed in order for the Roomba to begin receiving commands from the EZ-B. The Roomba can't wakeup on its own without toggling the Device Detect pin which is not wired to the EZ-B.


Ok , so I will need a relay to toggle the power switch right? That being said can I script to auto connect the Roomba. I'm trying to make this as automatic as possible. Obviously it's only impressive unless things can function in the end with minimal human interaction. Just enough to tell the robot what prescripted position for it to travel to and serve a drink.


Thanks for the quick reply I'm never shy to admit I have a question to work the bugs out of this setup


Since you have one of the modified 4XXX Roombas from Robotmaker I don't know what User Interface buttons are still mounted. Is there a row of buttons labeled (Pwr, Clean, Spot, etc) somewhere on the top of your Roomba? If so then once you provide battery power to the Roomba all you need to do is push the Pwr button on the UI panel.

EDIT Update: I looked at your Beer Butler thread and saw the Roomba you got. It looks like the button panel is removed from the outside top and is now inside where the brush deck used to be. That may be very difficult to reach the Pwr button.

Rich might know about the scripting portion of your question. I haven't gotten that far on my Roomba project yet.


Josh, it seemed to me that I remembered that the lights did not light when it was on. I just hooked up the cable and gave it a command from the roomba control panel and it worked. Sometimes, I had to re-initialize it. If I turned the power on, it would simply turn off. It was a mess. So, even though you don't hear anything or see flashing lights, it may be ready to roll.