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Asked — Edited

Roomba Command Control By Joystick

hi dj!
recently, i bought a roomba and connect ez-builder,
and controling roomba by joystick, but i do not know how to assign the command
mainbrush, subbrush to the botton of joystick.
so could you teach me the mathod of this ? *stress*

AI Support Bot
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1) Press CONFIG on the Joystick control
2) Press a button on the joystick to highlight its respective row on the Config window (It will highlight in blue)
3) Scroll/Search in the Script manual Help for the Roomba command
4) Enter the appropiate command in the BUTTON DOWN area of the button you wish to assign
hi dj !
sorry ! late . to replay .
i was very busy with my work.
thank you very much i could solve my problem.