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Roomba Cable Question

On the PS2 connectors for the Roomba:

Needs pin 3 and 7 for seven pin connector.

I am using a Six pin connector. I use pin 2 and 6?




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Thank You! I have already read and seen that stuff. I was just re-confirming because the picture has the wire in such a way it looks like it COULD be connected to pin 1 also.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder and the older I get, the worse it gets. So, in order to understand I parrot what people are saying to me to do a last check on what was set or demonstrated. That way it is clear to me when I start to work on it.

I am sooo happy about the Day of Week. I put the two programs together and saved it on the cloud in the Public area.

Hooray! my robot George is going to be so cool!! Because of You.... D.J.
Nice dude. Glad to hear it's coming together for you:)